Project Exploration 

Initial Consultation

Are you looking for a way to expand your service? Let's get together to talk about it. Achieving your goal may be closer than you think. Through this initial consultation we can think big...and then explore the "what ifs" associated with strategies to get you there.  

Project Proposal 

Funding & Partner Search

We've got the idea and now we need to get some tangible strategies put down on paper. By taking this step a search will be done to identify potential funding sources, and potential collaborating partners in achieving you vision. You will receive a formal written proposal that maps out the project.

Grant Project Services

Grant Writing

We've committed to the project and now's the time to work on the grant proposal. This will involve formulating an abstract, need assessment, setting goals & deliverables, as well as exploring strategies for sustainability. We'll utilize a project map to set timelines associated with implementation. 


Connections for a Cause

Naples, Florida


Tel: [ 2 3 9 ]  5 7 1 - 1 0 0 6

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